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How To Diffuse Your Hair Without Frizzy Ends!

Are you tired of drying your hair just to end up with frizzy hair? That’s one of the biggest problems that many of our clients face. Using a blow dryer speeds up hair drying, but can leave your hair dry and brittle looking if you’re not sure about what you’re doing! If you’re going to blow dry your hair, we recommend using a diffuser to evenly distribute the air. This will give the curls a softer polished look.


A diffuser is a curl’s best friend! Diffusers maximize volume, giving the impression of a thicker, fuller head of hair. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here at Curl Evolution, we strive to help you get those soft, luscious curls that bring you the confidence to feel unstoppable! Our stylists are here to give you the best advice when it comes to diffusing your hair! Using a diffuser doesn’t have to be confusing!

Here are 3 tips when it comes to using and choosing a diffuser!

Tip # 1: Choose the Right Drying Method for Your Needs!
There’s really two options when it comes to properly drying your hair at home; cup/hand diffusers that attach to your blow dryer or tabletop/stand hood dryers.

Cup/ hand diffusers work faster than tabletop hood dryers, but they have to be held during the entire process. They promote more volume and body in your curls to give your hair a thicker look! Use a cup diffuser to give a polished finish to dry curls!

Tabletop /stand hood dryers are stationary and work on your whole head at the same time. You can be hands-free while using it and they are great for girls that like their curls to lay flatter. Tabletop dryers also fold up and can be put easily in a closet for storage.

Our Recommendation:

Cup Diffuser- Conair Pro Prostyler Professional Finger Diffuser Universal Fit

“The universal fit makes it usable on almost any hairdryer and the fingers inside give curls the perfect bounce and shine!”

~ Kelsey, Senior Stylist
Curl Evolution Hair Salon

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Tip #2: Don’t move until you are just about done drying!
Whether you are using a handheld diffuser or you’re underneath a tabletop hood dryer, make sure that you stay as still as possible! The longer you can dry without disturbing your curls, the better your finished hair will be!

The perfect curl has no age limits!

One of our adorable clients sitting patiently while our stand hood dryer
perfects her natural curls!

“Girls of all ages come into Curl Evolution. We make sure every single client leaves with a smile on their face and perfect curls on their head!”

~Jessica, Senior Stylist
Curl Evolution Hair Salon

3: Stop at 95%
When your hair is 95% dry, simply stop and allow the air to finish drying your curls. Over drying can promote flyaways because the hot air starts blowing around dry curls, which can separate strands of hair and promote frizz. Simply stopping the drying process when 95% dry eliminates this issue completely!

Take a look at this amazing transformation!

From Dry and Frizzy to SHINY and LUSCIOUS curls!
Our talented senior stylist Ang defined and shined these gorgeous curls!

When diffusing, it’s best to use the right products for the job.
For best results use these three products when diffusing your hair!
Cup Diffuser- Conair Pro Pro styler Professional Finger Diffuser Universal Fit
Dry your hair confidently when you know that you have the right tool for the job!

Curlfection Firm Hold Smoothing Cream Gel
Keep curls tamed and under control with our lightweight cream-gel. It gives you the hold that your curls need combined with a soft and luscious feel!

It’s a 10! Miracle Leave-In Spray
Lock in moisture with It’s a 10! Miracle Leave-In Spray. This spray can be used as a moisturizer underneath a lightweight gel for super soft curls!

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Follow these tips to help transform your curls! At Curl Evolution in Babylon, we educate clients on their hair with every visit, promoting the healthiest and happiest curls possible!

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