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Curly Girl Stories: Curl Evolution Salon


Curly Girl Stories: Curl Evolution SalonAt 46 yrs old I’ve finally started to learn how to embrace & care for my natural curls. I haven’t flat ironed it in over 10 yrs and haven’t had a professional hair stylist touch it since 1999. I was tired of them looking scared when I walked in the salon or saying out loud, “Oh!, You have curly hair”.

February of this year, I started reading The Curly Girl Handbook and now realize how blessed I am to be born a curly girl. Learning the right products to use, (my curls love Deva Curl), and not to use, and finding a salon that specializes in curly hair is really crucial. I’m ready & excited to encourage other curly girls to take pride in their beautiful curls.

Curly Girl in Seattle,