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2018 Curly Fads

This year, the curly hair community definitely added some new styles and twists to their natural routines. Sure, wash-and-gos were still a thing, but when introduced to pixie cuts and blonde streak highlights, a lot followed the trend. Curls are already fun as they are and the possibilities are endless regarding what you can do with them. A lot have been going with the pixie cut trend as it allows them to feel free and removes their label of being just “the girl with curly hair.” Highlights are always fun if you’re tired of the black and want some of your ringlets to stand out. And how can we forget the new “fleeked out” baby hair fad? Curlies have been getting creative with how they style their baby hairs, which we all love. Check out some of the 2018 curly hair fads!


Blonde highlights:
Those who can’t stick to one color but don’t want to let go of their roots are the best candidates for blonde highlights. The saying that blondes have more fun is definitely true and is proven by the liveliness the new color brings to natural hair. Blonde tends to bring out each curl more and is not an extreme color which is why many curly girls went for it in 2018. The cool part is once your roots begin to grow out, you now have a naturally-made ombre!

Pixie cuts:
Tired of only being known for how big your hair is and have more to offer? You’re in luck! Pixie cuts have resurfaced and you will see more girls sporting the look post-2018. Just a few years ago, long, straight hair was the only type of hair linked to beauty until curls began to take over. Now, having textured and short hair is the new style. Every year, we get introduced to new looks, but 2018 takes the crown for allowing the curly pixie cut to be accepted and appreciated.

Poofy curly buns with baby hair:
Most curly girls won’t style their hair into a bun until after day four. They like to sport their curls in their natural style for as long as they can. However, poofy buns add a chic edge to curly hair, especially when the baby hairs are brushed out. The style allows your face to be more visible and looks great with hoop earrings and red lipstick. Want to tone it down but don’t want to compromise your curls? Opt for the bun and brush out your baby hairs using gel and a toothbrush while doing a swoop motion.

We can’t wait to see what curly hair trends are in store for 2019! The possibilities are endless. Happy Holidays!