Curly Girl Stories




Yokairy is rocking her gorgeous curls… now. Its a true journey her stylist Angela advises. Yokairy relaxed and fought her curl for years before deciding to embrace her natural look last year.

Not ready for the “big chop” right away Angela brought up the length to where Yokairy was comfortable but the relaxer wasn’t all out Angela showed her how to diffuse the ends to bring the bounce back into her ends. 10 weeks later she was ready for more so Angela took off the rest of the relaxer. Its important to remember this is your journey and you need to do what is comfortable for you whether its doing a little at a time or a creating totally new look in one day.

Angela advises wearing your hair natural when growing out a relaxer or straightner. Its less maintenance and a “Wash and Go” style prevents further damage to the hair.

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