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Top 4 Trending Curly Colors For Fall

Summer is coming to an end, Fall is in the air, and the question that has all of our attention is “What color should I dye my hair now?”.

While we can’t pick for you, we can show you some curly girl inspiration to help you decide your next look!

Dirty Brunette
(If you’re a brunette that wants a brighter complexion!)

” This creme brulee blonde balayage with the contrasting highs and lows is the perfect fall look” –Laura Junior Stylist

Most of us know about dirty blondes, but have you ever heard of a dirty brunette? According to Los Angeles’s stylist Riawna Capri, “A dirty brunette has a more neutral, smoky vibe rather than super icy or super warm shades”.

Capri goes on to explain that the dirty brunette’s highlights don’t “compromise a brunette’s brown hair”, meaning that the shades of blonde should complement your brown hair instead of overruling it!

This contrast of brown and blonde hair leads to a layered

look that truly compliments both your hair and complexion!

Dirty Brunette is a style that can be worn anywhere,

however, it is best suited for a formal event where class and style combined!

Celebrity icons that have rocked this style: Ciara & Jessica Biel

2. Dusty Copper
(The subtle color change that is bound to be noticed!)

“I love this look for fall it reminds me of a cinnamon spice latte” – Jessica Senior Stylist/Work Credit
Did you know that copper can be added to almost any hair color?

Adding copper to brunettes gives hair a sparkly, fresh look and adding copper to blondes gives hair a golden, warm gloss!

Dusty Copper is a style that works well with a wide range of hair colors, including redheads, blondes, and brunettes.

Celebrity icons that have rocked this style: Madelaine Petsch & Issa Rae

Pro-tip: We used Goldwell hair products for this client, but consult your stylist about what your best option would be.

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3. Caramel Ombre
(For low maintenance dark hair spice!)

“These soft caramel highlights are everything thi fall” – Kelsey Senior Stylist / Work Credit
Caramel Ombre is all about embracing dark colored hair, with a touch of lightness.

Combining dark and light colors creates a warm complexion without the need for constant touch-ups. This means less time in the salon, and more time enjoying your hair!

Celebrity icons that have rocked this style: Ashley Graham

Pro-tip: This hair color goes great with the colors gold and black! So load up the gold jewelry if you want, put on that black shirt you love, and rock your day!

4. Antique Gold
(Who wouldn’t want golden-toned hair?)

“Antique Gold is great for fall because it mimics the muted tones of the season.” – Amanda Senior Stylist

Antique Gold isn’t your everyday white blonde hair color. It is so much more! Antique Gold is more beige than it is blonde and is a mixture of warm and cool hues.

This color combines the essence of class and elegance that can’t be ignored!

Celebrity icons that have rocked this style: Andreja Pejic & Elsa Hosk

Pro-tip: This hair color can really make light eyes pop! So if you have blue eyes, try wearing light-medium shades of blue this fall! If you have brown eyes, try medium shades of purple!

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