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Love this! Sara followed up with us a few days after her First Visit Curly Cut. As we usual we have a before and after photo but …..Most importantly a photo a taken few days later with Sara home styling it her self. This is exactly our goal. Curls that look great with you styling them at home, not just in salon. Thanks for sharing Sara.

Sara had a

Curl Evolution First Visit Curly Cut

Fabulous curls just need the right cut.

A specialized dry cut tailored to your curl pattern and your personal goals/routine. Our professionally trained stylist blends and shapes your curls to fall in just the right spot when your hair is styled curly. Our curly cut includes a deep conditioning treatment, a diffuser or hood dried styling, a customized lesson on styling your curls at home and a micro fiber towel and a care guide.

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“Just wanted to say thank you for giving
me a wonderful experience at your
salon and giving me my natural curls back.
Love the results already! – Sara”