Curlfection Accessory Set

Curlfection Accessory Set



Great curls start with the basics. Curlfection’s accessory set includes a microfiber towel to help prevent frizz. Curlfection comb for through product application, scalp scrubber to stimulate follicle and spiral hair bands that help prevent curls from knots and breakage.

The Curlfection Shower Comb is a revolutionary tool designed to help those with curly hair maintain its softness, shine and manageability. This unique comb utilizes specifically designed ridges that mimic the natural motion of fingers, so it is able to effectively detangle even the most stubborn knots and tangled curls. The numerous thin teeth slide through the hair coating each strand evenly with conditioner, making it easier to untangle and smooth. The comb is ergonomically designed for comfortable use and it fits comfortably in the hand. 

Introducing Curlfection Coil Hair Bands – the revolutionary way to easily hold curls in place without pulling them out! Curlfection Coil Hair Bands are designed to effortlessly slip into long hair and short hair while keeping your curls firmly in place all day or all night long.

 Curlfection Coil Hair Bands provide superior hold without tugging or breaking your hair. Unlike traditional hair bands, Curlfection Coil Hair Bands wrap around your curl patterns and ensure that each strand of hair is individually stabilized without sacrificing the natural curve. They won’t pull at delicate curls or leave creases behind, giving you a flexible and comfortable fit.

The Curlfection microfiber towels are made with microfiber fabric that helps lock in moisture, as well as reduce frizz, flyaways, and breakage. They are lightweight, non-abrasive and won’t cause any additional damage to the hair. The special fabric of the towels is gentle on the scalp and skin, unlike traditional towels that can be abrasive and cause frizz.


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