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Product Review of Deva Curl Delight Loo Poo Shampoo and Conditioner

By Curl stylists Sharon & Lisa

We were excited to hear Deva came out with a new product. Deva Delight for Weightless Waves. This should not be confused with curly girls trying to make there hair wavy it will not. Its a product for already fine textured wavy girls.

A nice lightweight cleanser is a welcome addition to the Deva line. Will Delight be flying off the shelves? Our stylist say probably not. “Moisture is a key factor” says both curl stylists. Lisa and Sharon tested the cleanser and conditioner together for daily styling and they both felt hydration was lacking.”

Our stylist recommend this as a great sulfate free cleanser for your once in a while wash when you need to remove excess product buildup. Its lathers a lot and smells great but Lisa recommends if you want to use it as a daily hold off on the purchase. Fine and wavy girls can wait until there is less humidity in the air and this line would be more beneficial in the fall or winter when extra bounce is really what your craving.